Our endeavors include casual photography jaunts through slot canyons and challenging technical descents of waterfalls.



Climbing outdoors can be one of the most thrilling forms of climbing close to the nature and sometimes the city.



Experience zip lining like never before. Each zip line is different, offering unique, but equally gorgeous aerial views.


Absolutely love this! A very uniqeu experience with 2 great coaches taking care of the 4 of us. It was a great challenge but super fun!! Will definitely go again next summer.


Gordon is a nice coach! We are beginners and he gave instructions very clearly. We played safe and enjoyed the adventure very much! Love the photos he took!


Great coaches (Gordon and Ada) with detail safty instructions and loads of tears and laughs in zipline . Amazing sea views in the island and I will definitely try it again!


Highly recommend Hong Kong Rock Climbing Adventure! Gordon is fantastic - incredibly responsive to emails, professional and has a lot of guiding experience. I booked both canyoning and rock climbing (at Central Crag). Both days ran very smoothly and were the perfect way to see Hong Kong! Thank you again, Gordon!


Went top roping at Cape Colinson a couple times with Gordon. He knew his routes well and was able to pick routes that fit a range of skill levels. He was also really attentive and cared a lot about safety. Would definitely recommend him for outdoor climbing in HK!

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